How to upload Visitors, and Others from the Bromcom MIS

In ParentPay, you can create accounts for individuals that do not attend your school as pupils but may need to take a meal or pay for items online.

Visitor & Other accounts

Schools are able to manually upload Visitor or Other accounts to their ParentPay system in the event that they need to record meals for visitors or require visitors to pay for other items.

You can find the manual upload guidance for this process here.


If you have a cashless catering till system the till will identify ‘Visitors’ as adults and ‘Others’ as pupils.


How to check if an import was successful:

  1. Log into ParentPay as a manager
  2. Navigate to People > Uploads > Upload history

Here you can see if the upload was a success or if you encountered any errors so you can resolve them and attempt the import again.