Meal selection and confirmation process


Students without a pre-selected meal will have no colour around their name.

  1. Press the Student Name [1] to access the the list of Meal Choices which have been applied to the menu.
  2. The student must select their desired Main Meal [2].
  3. Once a Main Meal has been selected, a list of dessert options will appear on the whiteboard. This works similar to the main meal selection where the student must select their desired Dessert [3].


    The Dessert option will only appear if Dessert items have been applied to the menu, please refer to How to create a menu for more information.



    If no desert items have been applied to the menu the whiteboard will automatically move to the confirmation screen. 

  4. Upon selecting the Dessert a summary of the Main [4] and Dessert [5] menu choices will be shown on the screen to double check the student has selected the correct menu choices.
  5. If no edits are required select Ok [6], located at the bottom of the screen, this will confirm the meal choice and the data will be added to the Cypad system.


    Admin users can view the meal selected in Payments > Preorders. The meal choices will also be available on the Kitchen app once their tablet's have been sync'd.

  6. If you want to change the meal items selected select the Redo [7] option to return the user back to the start of the selection process.
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