Selecting meals for students with dietary requirements

Students with a food allergy or dietary restrictions will have two options which will log them as either Present – Meal required [1] which will mean their pre-selected meal will be given to them by the caterer, or Present – Meal Not Required [2] which will register them as in school but not requiring a school meal in the event they have a packed lunch.


Once the relevant choice has been selected, follow the confirmation process to complete the selection.


Please refer to Using the Whiteboard - Meal selection and confirmation process for more information.

Viewing Nutritional Information

To view the Nutritional Information of a menu item press the Information Icon [1].



Some items will not have nutritional information available, if this is the case there will be no Information icon.

Once you have the nutritional breakdown open, click on the menu item photo to see a Doughnut Chart [2] for the Fat, Carbohydrate and Protein breakdown of the menu item.



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