[VIDEO] - How to complete a manual upload of Pre-admission data

You may want to process an upload of Pre-admission data into ParentPay. This will allow payers the opportunity to get to grips and activate their accounts all before their associated children start at your organisation. Once they become "on roll" pupils, the account simply swaps and they can continue as normal.

This article will teach you...

How to complete a manual pre-admission upload in 3 easy stages;
1. downloading, installing and logging in to MIS Sync
2. creating an upload mapping
3. processing the upload

How to...

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Step 1. Downloading and installing MIS Sync

This section will guide you through the first steps of a pre-admission upload which is downloading and logging in to MIS: Sync.

See article How to get the latest version of MIS Sync to download the application.

Would you prefer to read guidance on installing the software?  Check out the article here.

Step 2. Creating an upload mapping
In this section we'll cover creating a mapping.
You're possibly wondering "What is a mapping?"
To simplify, a mapping is you telling the system what ParentPay should use to populate fields. For example, on the spreadsheet which column contains the first name, which column contains date of birth etc.  Did you know?

You can download a preadmission upload template here.

Step 3. Processing the upload
This is the final step in the upload journey.



You can add Visitors and Others to your ParentPay system? Teachers, governors, PTA members, external students, or any other individual can be uploaded, allowing them to buy meals or pay for items or services you offer.
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