Why can't I upload todays changes from Bromcom into ParentPay?

Bromcom MIS restricts the changes implemented to an overnight process. This may cause issues when it is critical to get new data into ParentPay, such as during changes at the start of a new academic year or where there are issues stopping an upload from occurring.
This article will highlight Bromcom's current process and provide a workaround that can be used in exceptional circumstances.

Bromcom have a daily cache in place for updating information.  This limits the potential data bottlenecks caused by multiple changes being pushed onto their system from multiple sources.

When changes are made in the MIS they are cached and will be available the following day. In most cases this should work without issue and allows schools to perform multiple updates throughout the day before committing them the following day into other systems.

It can cause an issue however when you are not able to complete an upload and need to take immediate action in order to upload time sensitive data, such as at the start of a new academic year.

Below is a workaround provided by Bromcom to enable a manual cache update.  It should only be used when absolutely necessary as this could lead to system instability and/or access to the option being restricted.  Please only use it when absolutely necessary and then only when all updates have been completed.

  1. Log into Bromcom and navigate to Config > Setup > System Configuration
  2. Select the Refresh Student Cache button
  3. Wait for 30-60 seconds before attempting an upload to allow the cache to refresh.
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