Release 164 overview

Major enhancements

Payment load balancing

Modifications have been made to the payment processing pods to ensure they can all run concurrently, mitigating risk of payment failure due to service interruption.

UPFSM (Welsh schools only)

The UPFSM feature now has a user interface to allow managers to allocate whole day nursery children to receive the allowance.

See How to setup UFSM for more details.

Additionally, an option has been introduced for ParentPay staff to disable UPFSM for whole sites where required.

Future feature enhancements

Patterns module

Changes have been implemented to enable school managers to set up concurrent meal patterns for people e.g. one patterns from Sep 01 - Dec 31 and a second pattern for Jan 01 - Mar 31

The ability to add or delete a pattern has been updated in the patterns section of a pupil record.

The ability to delete a pattern, with appropriate warnings of the implication of doing so, has been introduced.

Clubs module

New template merge codes have been introduced for all communication options. Pre built templates will automatically include club name and club balance codes.

Updates have been implemented to ensure changes to a clubs membership automatically updates the associated payment item assignment.

Fixes and minor enhancements

New! payment item badge

Parents using a mobile device will now see a New! label against new payment items, making it easier for them to spot new payments and improving the engagement.

Improved validation

Enhancements have been made to various sections to align error message format when incorrect entries are made to specific fields.

Post login alert page

The post login screen used for important communication and system notifications has been updated to remove the menu structure until the notice has been reviewed/continued.

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