Version 69 Overview

Reports: Pre-Order Summary by Day report update

The pre-Order Summary by Day report has been reworked to reduce the table width and allow customers to use pivots after exporting the data.

Stock Items: Nutritional values from McCance & Widdowson database linked to Stock Items

Stock items can be linked to the McCance and Widdowson dataset to pull through post-cooked nutritional values when the Recipes configurable is enabled.

Payments/Meals: Parent Name added to allergy and dietary requests

Parent names are automatically captured when an allergy/diet type request is submitted through the Booking Application (PP or Schoolcomms). Parent names are then visible on the Manager App in the event clarification is required from the parent.

System: Anonymisation script update

Users who have been closed historically will be anonymised – to reopen historically closed users, customers will need to raise a support ticket for closed users to be reopened without any issues.

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