Upload failed, what to do next?

ParentPay receives pupil, staff and visitor data from an upload.  You may be well versed in completing a pupil upload, whether that be from an MIS API connection or the use of MIS Sync, what you may not be aware of is that you can view the upload history and any errors that may be stopping your upload from being successful.

  This article will teach you...

How to check the upload status and history of an upload and what to do next if there are errors.

Next steps

1. Log in as a manager and navigate to People[1] > Uploads[2] > Upload history[3]

Row 12 Image 1.png

2. Here you can see the status of the upload.  These will likely be Succeded, Failed, or Queued.  Below is a brief explanation of each status:

Success Icon.pngSucceeded

This is the best status! This means your upload was successful and ParentPay is now up to date with your MIS. There may still be warnings, these are non-critical messages and will not stop the upload however, you may want to review the data as you may need to make a few alterations.

Failed Icon.pngFailed
The initial reaction here may be one of panic, but most issues can be easily resolved with a tweak to your MIS data. It is important to review the error messages before attempting an upload again. The error message may ask you to contact ParentPay support.
Queued Icon.pngQueued
This status is typically seen during peak times e.g. September or through certain times of the day. To avoid operational issues we may queue imports, don't panic though, the queue processes quickly and we try to keep them to a 20-minute maximum.
If you see this status, please be patient.

3. If you have errors, this will stop the entire upload.  You will need to view the details of the failed upload and pay attention to the "Errors" section:

Row 12 Image 2.png

4. A majority of errors can be simply fixed by editing the record(s) in your MIS and attempting the upload again.

In the example above, this can be fixed by adding the required information or if this pupil had left the school, ensuring that the pupil's record has been processed correctly according to the relevant MIS provider.

Video guidance

If you'd prefer to watch an instructional video please see below:

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