Extend an existing Club and create a new connecting payment request

Extend an existing club with sessions that can be booked individually (not an Enrichment club)

To extend an existing club rather than create a new one go to:

  • Click on Clubs
  • Select required Club
  • Click on Create Sessions
  • You will be taken to the Calendar page
  • At the top of the screen choose the date range that your club will be running between
  • Highlight the dates the club is running on by clicking on the individual squares, or by clicking the word ‘Wednesday’ if the clubs runs every Wednesday, for example.
  • Check the selected dates and deselect any dates which the club won’t be running on e.g. bank holidays or half terms
  • When you are happy with the sessions chosen, click Save in the top right-hand corner.

To edit your existing booking choices:

  • Click on Clubs
  • Click on the required Club
  • Under Club Actions click on Create Sessions 
  • Scroll down to your booking choices and click on the cog on the booking choice you would like to amend
  • Once you have updated as required click on the tick to save the change
  • Then click on Save (top right corner)

You may also want to edit the Club members, to do this:

  • Click on Clubs
  • Select required Club
  • Click Edit
  • To add a member/group scroll to the Club member area and select the new member/group from the list on the left and add them to the list on the right and save
  • To remove a member click on the x next to the pupils name on the list on the right and then save

Now that you have updated your club sessions and members we would recommend you create a new payment request via the club which will then only contain the relevant members. (Please ensure that the old request is no longer visible/expired)