Setting both parents to receive all messages (SIMS)

To ensure that both parents receive all messages via Schoolcomms you would need to set both parents as prime contacts.

To check your priority settings in Schoolcomms please go to:

Desktop Version Schoolcomms

  • Log into the Schoolcomms desktop
  • Go to Management>Import Management
  • Click Edit settings
  • You can then view your current import settings

To edit your import settings within this section:

  • About two thirds of the way down the page is a button that says "Change". When you click on this it will give you a warning recommending that you read the associated help page. This is useful to obtain more in depth information.
  • The top drop down list will enable you to choose which priorities you import.
  • Use the table below to nominate which contacts are prime parents in Schoolcomms; prime parents are the contacts who will receive all messages about their child, you can be more selective about the messages that non prime parents receive.
  • You may choose to import all priority one and two contacts then set the prime parent to be contacts with parental responsibility. This will have implications for your text credits though, if every student has two people with parental responsibility then both would receive messages costing you double the amount of credits.
  • If you increase the number of priorities you import and then later decide to reduce the priority numbers, the old priorities will remain in Schoolcomms as non prime parents. If you wish to permanently remove these contacts from Schoolcomms please contact us.
  • To save your settings select OK and then Save.
  • To update Schoolcomms with these changes return to the Import Management screen and select Run Import.

Please note that if you have reduced the import strategy, for example, changed the import from P1 and P2 to just P1 then we will need to complete a database task to remove the data that no longer meets the strategy, in this particular example delete all P2 contacts as their data will remain in your Schoolcomms account.

You can submit this type of request by sending an email to

or alternatively complete the School Support form here

If an individual contacts priority has been changed to a priority you are no longer importing in your MIS, you are able to delete them in Schoolcomms.

To delete the contact in Schoolcomms, please go to:

  • Dashboard
  • Run an import
  • Click on 'linked contacts'
  • Search the contact's name
  • Click on the contact you need to delete
  • Click 'Delete'

You will then see the following message:


Please be assured that this will only remove the linked contact from the relevant pupil.

(The contact would still remain linked to any other pupils where their priority setting hasn't been changed) 

Once deleted they will not be re-imported as they no longer have a priority that you are importing.


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