Apply a Theme day to a special menu


If you have added a theme day onto your calendar within Cypad, this will override the existing menu choices and offer the theme day menu items for that day, but not for any children assigned to special menu templates.

If your school uses special menu templates, please find some instructions below on how to create the equivalent of a ‘theme day’ for these children, for example a Christmas Dinner: 

  • Add any items as normal via Cypad > Menus > Items (please see here for assistance with adding menu items to Cypad).
  •  Navigate to Cypad > Menus > Menus
  • In this section, you will currently have different special menus set up, for example “Dairy Free Week 1”, “Dairy Free Week 2” etc.
  • To add the Christmas Dinner ‘theme day’, you will need to create another week (by double clicking on the Lunch tab in the top-left), and drag and drop all of the relevant menu items across for that week. For example, if the Christmas Meal is available on the Friday of a Week 2, you would create a “Dairy Free Christmas Week”, add all the same menu items across for Monday-Thursday that you would normally offer on a Week 2, and add the Christmas Meal items onto Friday.
  • Navigate to Cypad > Menus > Templates and select your Student Template (e.g. “Dairy Free”). From here, you can then drag and drop the newly created Christmas Week across to the appropriate week on the calendar.
  • Once saved, this will apply to any children who are currently assigned to that Student Template and allow them to pre-order the Christmas Meal.

Please be aware that making any changes to the menu offered on a particular week will remove any pre-orders, so parents will need to re-book using the new menu.


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