How to add a one off menu Schoolcomms Dinners

As Halloween and Christmas are fast approaching you may want to apply a one off menu option.

Please find below some useful information to assist you with this:

Adding a new week to your existing Dinner Plan

  • Click Dinners > Select your Dinner plan > Manage Menu

  • Once you are in your Dinner Plan, click on Manage Menu from the right-hand side menu

  • To add additional weeks, click Add Week and create your next week’s menu choices


  • Add a menu choice and add a label for your menu choice if you wish (this is optional)
  • If you do not have a menu choice, you can just add a label. You must allocate your menu to the days of the week. Click on the Rotation Icon and choose the days of the week you want this meal on; these will then appear when you apply them to the calendar later


  • Now you need to add your weeks to the Calendar, so set your date range to your required dates
  • Select the week you want from the calendar below, making sure to remove the days there is no service. By clicking on the blue day or week, you do not want to create a meal for and it will then turn grey.
  • Click on Select Week and choose the week you want to allocate.

  • Once you are happy with your selection, click Save on the top right corner.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have already applied your menu to the week:

Option 1:
You will need to create a new week including the Christmas meal and replace the existing week in the calendar with the new week. Please click here to access information to assist you with this.
Existing bookings are not removed when the week is replaced so anything on the Christmas meal day would need to be deleted, please click here to access information to assist you with this.
The parents/school would then need to rebook the meals for that day.
If the menu for the rest of the week remains the same as the original week then these bookings can remain.
Option 2
Alternatively instead of creating a new week you can create a new dinner plan just for the Christmas meal you would then need to remove that day from the week on the existing dinner plan, please click here to access information to assist with this. A payment request would need to be created via the new dinner plan for the Christmas meal if payment is required.

If you would like assistance with this please email or click here to complete a support request form.


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