Change default meal price Cypad/Meal Manager


To change your default meal price in Cypad, please navigate to Cypad > Settings > Site Info > Meal Prices

Adjust the relevant meal price for students/staff etc. in the table (shown in red on the below screenshot) and click Save (top left).



Note: The prices in the right-hand table (shown in blue on the above screenshot) can be left as £0.00 unless you have different prices for different year groups, as the ‘type’ price entered on the left will override this.

Please be aware that if you have entered specific prices on your menu items, rather than leaving them all as £0.00 to pick up the default price configured above, you will also need to adjust the price on each menu item, via Cypad > Menus > Items > Click on the relevant item.



To use the default price configured above, you can enter £0.00 in the box.

If this is a free menu item (e.g. packed lunch), please ensure the box is left empty.

Otherwise if this item has a different price to your default, enter the price in the box.


Any meals marked as taken/confirmed going forwards (regardless of when they were pre-ordered) will now use the new prices.


You may then want to change the minimum amount on the connecting payment request in Schoolcomms:

via Payments>Select the request>Click Edit>Amend Minimum Amount>Save